Start Here and learn the common technique of Brick Stitch bead weaving stitches! 

In this video, I'll demonstrate basic bead weaving stitches so you can start on your brick stitch project! I'll show you the ladder stitch which is the foundation row for many brick stitch designs. I'll also go over increasing & decreasing stitches, multiple bead extensions and creating a bead tip. You'll see how I hide unsightly bead gaps and the steps you need to take to end your beadwork.  

Once you're finished watching this overview, you're welcome to try out the free patterns available here:  

1. Blog:  

2. YouTube Panda Pattern:  

After practicing these basic stitch techniques, you may want to try an alternate version of the ladder stitch.  

1. Modified Ladder Stitch: 

2. Pattern Review:  

Thanks for watching :)  

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